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Portavant from Willach is an innovative system for
 all-glass sliding doors
which sets new standards.

SOFTSTOP - the cushioning system for your safety

• Slows the glass door effectively, gently and quietly irrespective
   of its weight and speed of closure - and does so over a distance of
   several centimetres
• Prevents damage through doors “jumping out“ or tilting
• Removes the risk of trapped fingers almost entirely
• SoftStoP always works, no matter if the door is closed gently
   or harder
• Creates confidence and removes fear of breakage of glass
   perceived as a fragile material.

AUTOCLOSE - the self-closing system to make you feel good

• fully closes the glass door effectively, gently and quietly once it
   has been slowed by the innovative cushioning system
• Guarantees that the door closes completely even if not fully hut or shut
   in a hurry
• Holds the door in position and prevents it from opening by itself
• Creates a feeling of security and wellbeing in gently closed spaces
   offering comfort, pleasant warmth, silence and privacy.

The patent is pending on this revolutionary cushioning and self-closing system of Willach with its unique, easy-to-assemble components and reliable trigger mechanism.

Innovation and design to perfection

Portavant combines supreme qualities with modern design.

The beautiful, curved cover profile has a height of just 70 mm.
The fittings are supplied in the colours aluminium natural
anodised (EV1) as well as alinox anodised, brushed (stainless
steel effect).

Beautiful handles and a wealth of accessories are available for
single-sash and two-sash doors as well as doors with side-lights.


 Technical specifications
 Doors weighing up to 80 kg
 Sliding door glass thicknesses  
 Toughened glass 8 / 10 / 12 mm
 Laminated safety glass 8.76 / 10.76 / 12.76 mm
 Stationary glazing thicknesses  
 Toughened glass 8 / 10 / 12 mm
 Laminated safety glass 8.76 / 10.76 / 12.76 mm
 Roller assemblies High quality precision
  rollers with plastic cover
 Execution one and two sash


Ease of assembly

Portavant persuades through its ease of assembly and its
easy handling within all positions of installation:
• the sash can be hung on the mounted top track without
• the height of each roller assembly can be adjusted
   +/- 4 mm to level the sash
• the closed position of the door can be adjusted even once
   the cover profile has been installed
• It is possible to screw in anti-tipping and anti-theft devices.


Adjustable floor guide
The elegant floor guide proves persuasive through the simple adjustment possibilities for the various glass thicknesses. the push-in plastic insets mean that the 8 to 12 mm glass sashes are securely guided. the lack of gaps in the floor guide prevents the sashes from rattling. the resistance of the floor guide has been adjusted for the reliable self-closing system.


Modular system
The modular design of the system offers you logistics and warehousing in line with customer needs. the system components can be combined depending on the assembly situation and individual requirements.



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